Detectives Crime Clinic | About Us
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About Us

what we do

non-profit law enforcement organization


We recognize worthy Police Officers, Public Officials, and Citizens who have shown outstanding performance in the prevention of crime, apprehension and prosecution of criminals.


We host law enforcement professionals who speak to our members on all topics of interest and concerns in the future of policing.

networking & training

The Crime Clinic serves as an avenue for networking and training for the police professionals, giving us a chance to learn from other law enforcement agencies and share our work experiences.

The Crime Clinic is the oldest law enforcement organizations in existence today. The Clinic alternates its awards dinner or luncheon between New York and New Jersey.  Our meeting schedule runs from September to June of the following calendar year usually on the fourth Thursday of the month (holidays may change schedule).  We charge a nominal fee for the meals, but not to make a profit.  We depend exclusively on our membership dues and gratefully accept any donations to help offset the expenses related to the operations and overhead to the Organization.  None of the Officers or Trustees receives any financial remuneration for serving the organization.

Become a member

why join?

What would I gain by becoming a member?

Your membership would mean that you are a supporter of the Law Enforcement Community in general. We offer networking with other Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the ability to meet someone face to face and put a face to a name when calling another agency for support or intelligence.

What are my benefits of joining if any?

Well, besides what we have already mentioned it is the opportunity to sit beside or be in the room with men and women who put their lives on the line every and each day to keep our communities safe not only from the local criminals but from the present existence of Domestic Terrorism and International Terrorism.

Why not any other Law Enforcement group?

The Crime Clinic is unique in that we have no agenda’s. We meet and Honor deserving Law Enforcement Officers, Public Officials and Civilians who contribute to the Law Enforcement Community by means of Helping a Police Officer during the apprehension of a criminal or Officials who step up and pass legislation or other means to make Cops jobs easier. We are acknowledged by Police Officers to their Commanders.

Support our Officers, Deputies, Special Agents and other deserving Honoree’s by coming to meetings and hearing of their tales of Valor.

board members

Robert W. Basso, President
Maj Bryan Negron, Vice President
Chief Daniel Solitti, 2nd Vice President
Esther Basso, Director of Operations
Craig Donnelly, Treasurer
Abe Friedman, Dir of InterGovt Affairs
Willie Fisher, Executive Secretary
Frank Maresca, Sergeant-At-Arms
Dorothy Matarzzo, Sergeant-At-Arms

P.O. Mohammad J. Quazi, Sergeant-At-Arms
Rev. Sean Gardner, Chief Chaplain
Rabbi Herman Pollak, Chaplain
Michael Finkelstein MD, Chief Surgeon
Walter Taylor, Chief Photographer
Maj. Bryan Negron, Public Relations Dir
Chief Robert Abraham (Ret.), P.R./Trustee
Sr. Inv. Michael DiSilvio (Ret.NYSP), P.r./Trustee
Sr. Inv. James A. Venezia P.r./Trustee

Anthony Matarazzo, P.r./Trustee
Tpr. Christopher Burgos, NJSP Trustee
Larry Eiven, Civilian Trustee
Ben Inzelbuch, Civilian Trustee
Edward S. Lentol, VP Emeritus
George M. Genes, VP Emeritus
Chief Chaplain William Kalaidjian, Deceased
Ralph Lasry, Webmaster

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